Battlefield 4 Wallpaper

The battlefield that gets more realistic everytime



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Battlefield 4 Wallpaper is the official wallpaper for the fourth instalment in the Battlefield franchise, which will transport players on PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the next-generation consoles, to more realistic battlefield.

The wallpaper in question presents you with two of the stars of the main campaign in Battlefield 4, who will be one of the real strengths of the game. The multiplayer mode will always remain important in the Battlefield series, but this time the story will also carry more weight.

Battlefield 4 Wallpaper is the wallpaper rolled out by DICE and Electronic Arts, which means it is the perfect thing to keep you going until the game hits stores worldwide in October 2013. Of course it won´t instantly become defunct on this date, but then most gamers will surly prefer to play than to watch this.
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